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ANIDAN Blokodelvalle13-c-047Our project in detail

“Joy+n 200 Drums for Coexistence”

We want to substantially depend on our own to carry further our work in Tenerife and Euskadi, to provide funding enough to maintain our projects in Kenya and Cape Verde Islands, and other that may arise in the near future.

We develop our work on the base of our knowledge and own efforts but we are not walking alone. Many of those who contact us, or take part in our drumming workshops, or meet us in one of our shows are touched by our project “Drums for Coexistence”. They feel motivated to help us make come true the dreams of the many disadvantaged children who struggle with difficulties to integrate socially, lack self –confidence and low self –esteem and have a future ahead that is anything but bright, especially young girls.

Despite the significant support we have found, we are concerned that our actions and proposals, which show big potential of growth and expansion by now, are always short of funding. We consider that neither public subsidies nor contributions from private businesses are a proper answer to our funding needs. With more drums, more drummers will be able to collaborate and help us reach our goals and deal with new challenges. We need an initial boost to achieve this and you can be of great support. We currently have 100 drums and we want to add another set of 100 to draw 100 more participants to our drumming groups in Tenerife. When we achieve this, we will be financially independent and able to manage our projects by ourselves.

Bloko del Valle-02 copiaYou can join in the project that has changed our own lives to a great extent already and help us buy 100 new drums! We warn you, though: it is addictive and we will not take responsibility for it!

We have high hopes on our current work in Tenerife, with already two drumming groups in Poris de Abona and Santa Cruz. Every time we rehearse, many who come by approach us and tell us how much they would like to learn to play drums with us. Soon we will set up further groups in La Orotava (July) and Garachico (September). If we reach 200 drummers, the many small contributions donated will add up to a quantity that enables us to manage on our own our social projects with disadvantaged children. This is the reason why we need 200 drums.

If you contribute in this initial boost to draw more participants, we will also be ready to manage drumming encounters for at least 200 people, i.e. Europe’s biggest drumming social group.

We radiate powerful positive vibes and we have to make good use of this in order to succeed in our social projects with youngsters in Kenya and Cape Verde. After our 5-year work experience in Kenya, it is clear to us that the path shown to these boys and especially girls can lead to a respectable livelihood. The results achieved so far in terms of improved self-esteem, social integration and overcoming their tragic life experiences are simply striking and surprising.

Our vision is not just wishful thinking. Not much money is needed, but enthusiastic work and commitment. We are fully engaged and we just cannot let all the effort and good results fade away, as happens with many of the public-funded projects that lack continuity because the advances achieved vanish when the money flow runs out.

If we have 200 drums, the rest will be on us. We are confident that the first 200 participants (because there will be more, for sure!) will support us and become involved as the many friends that already help us to create our chain of solidarity and rhythm (which can expand to an extent beyond imagination!).

Last year, we managed to bring a small group of 11 youngsters from Kenya over to Europe. They toured around and played in several of the most distinguished concert halls. With your help, we will be able to repeat this experience with another group from Cape Verde Islands and, with some luck, from other regions as well. Step by step, we want to set up a “Drums for Coexistence” network that can overcome religious and cultural differences and ethnic barriers through drumming, for the well-being of many boys and girls. These will become the best ambassadors we would have ever imagined of our project in their own home countries.

We carry out our projects and actions with all due respect to local customs and culture. When we start new drumming groups with give all consideration to existing local music traditions. Aside, we teach other rhythms that are common to all groups formed, so as to ensure there is a recognizable joint collection of playing resources. Each group contributes with its own colour and characteristics, which enriches the show when we come to play altogether.

Bloko de Valle childrens band, Lamu Cultural Festival 2013The need of an open space for diversity, where people can share, learn, participate and enjoy, is a claim beyond question in nowadays’ way of life. Obviously, we ought to push the development of activities that promote social integration and culture and projects that are freely accessible, so that giving to others and sharing part of ourselves is feasible for anyone, no matter the origins, status or beliefs. The kind of drumming that we want to take to the world offers all this and so much more…


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